My name is Omri.

Most of my projects and projects I contribute to are hosted on Github and are available as open-source. I write articles about coding on Medium DEV Community.

I maintain several nodejs packages and npm based CLI tools in one repo: mono. Check it out, it's got some useful helpers and tools 🚝. Another collection specifying in expressjs middleware and http helpers is routes, which I find useful for web services ðŸ›Ī. I'm using dont-look-up to verify encapsulation in the mono repo eco-system 🙈. ci-cd.net is a hosted collection of generic helper shell scripts, which aim to streamline continues integration and delivery processes across services. This project's goal is to include non business logic scripts which can be used out-of-the-box or adapted by arguments ⛓. I created Published to be compatible an opinionated NPM publishing tool especially for CI-CD work-flows — It decides if and how to publish packages to NPM.

Short articles I've written include 💂‍ Front end observability. A practical guide to browser error monitoring. ✏ïļ An illustrated guide to SemVer (Semantic Versioning) ðŸĪš. A walk-through for using git submodules as a tool for code re-use 🐙. An example of how to automate documentation websites creation ðŸĪ–. And more.

I'm also maintaining a couple of mostly useless web pages: PWD is a consistent password generator 🔑. Black is just a black page with full-screen toggle we use on our TV at home to black out the screen ðŸ–Ĩ. A simple page that tells the time 🕰. See current stage of the moon 🌕.