My name is Omri.

Most of my projects and projects I contribute to are hosted on Github and are available as open-source. I write articles about coding on Medium.

ci-cd.net is a hosted collection of generic helper shell scripts, which aim to streamline continues integration and delivery processes across services. This project's goal is to include non business logic scripts which can be used out-of-the-box or adapted by arguments. ¶ A1vy is a CLI tool I'm constantly developing because I'm constantly using — It helps development by doing mundane tasks for me, and it'll love to do the same for you. ¶ I created Published to be compatible with NPX runner especially for CI-CD workflows — It's a smart NPM publish tool which decides if and how to publish packages to NPM.

I maintain several packages and npm based CLI tools in one repo: mono, and I'm using dont-look-up to verify encapsulation. Among those packages are ¶ Paraphrase — a string template interpolation engine. It's a simple yet powerful little package. ¶ Boxt simply creates boxes around text, which is lovely for printing out messages to the terminal. ¶ markt wraps markdown files as markup, it's extremely useful for projects' readme files and can be run directly via NPX. ¶ Upgradable was created for my CLI tools — It prompts the user to upgrade with one click when applicable. And a couple more cool ones.